"Alan's session
was by far the
best training
experience I've
had in 25 years
in the

credence n. trustworthiness; acceptance as true
or valid; the power to inspire belief or trust

credence consulting was founded in 2001 with
the objective of bringing the ethical and consulting
standards of the world's leading professional
services firms to the fields of reputation
management and corporate communications.

Over the past 15 years, credence has lived out this
vision by providing strategic counsel, skills development
and world-class implementation of corporate and brand
communication solutions to an unrivalled client list,
including half of the JSE Top 40 companies, 26 Fortune
500 global giants, and more than a dozen national
government departments.

Although tasked with helping their clients build, sustain
and defend the 21st century's most important strategic
asset - organisational reputation - the public relations
and corporate communications industry has traditionally
struggled with its own reputational challenges: low
barriers to entry, junior consultants attempting to counsel
senior executives,a lack of broad empirical foundation for narrow,
tactical recommendations, poor alignment with - and
understanding of - broader business objectives, and the

Alan Arguile, founder and principal consultant at credence,
brings with him more than 30 years of stress-tested
communications experience and a proven network of
heavyweight communication, marketing, organisational
development and other specialised consulting associates
from around South Africa and the globe.

If you value your reputation as a strategic asset, we'd
value speaking with you - as a potential client, partner
or service provider. We invite you to take a closer look at our
lines of service and get to know us a little better.