"That wasn't an
training session -
it was a SUPER

In a world where words such as 'leading' and
'unique' have become so commonplace as to have
lost their true meaning, and five years' experience
makes one 'an industry veteran', credence prefers
to keep it real - to quote the tagline of our feisty
regional brewer.

Our claims to have specialist capabilities and
industry-leading experience are borne out by
empirical evidence, not unsubstantiated marketing

As a specialist media trainer, Alan Arguile has presented
more than 500 coaching sessions. He has provided
counsel on more than 120 corporate crises and incidents.
Facilitated more than 50 crisis simulations, and more
than 50 executive presentation and communication
skills classes. Designed and implemented more than a
dozen large-scale stakeholder perception audits.
Written speeches for State Presidents and CEOs.
Generated website copy for large multinationals and
small NGOs. Provided strategic counsel at C-suite level
to more than 40 listed corporations.

Numbers alone, however, don't tell the full story. And
while we're proud of the depth of our stress-tested
consulting expertise, we will tell you upfront if we don't
have sufficient experience in a particular practice area to
match your expectations, and rather refer you to people
who can add real value in that specialisation.

Please review our five broad capability areas and
make up your own mind if 'the deed matches the creed'
at credence.
we leave the following
services to specialists
in their field:

  • media relations and placement

  • advocacy and lobbying

  • events and function

  • investor relations

  • conflict resolution

  • media buying services

  • new media platforms

  • large scale field research &
    stakeholder audits

  • website engineering

credence has been privileged
to partner with scores of
best-of-breed global and South
African service providers in these
and other fields.

Please contact us should you wish
to get an objective referral relating
to other lines of service you may