"We have seen many
consultants, and have
been very disappointed
by many. You are a
proud exception to that.
Your work was insightful
and well delivered - and
we could afford not
doing any reworks on
your submission."

Our award-winning wordsmithing capabilities have
been deployed across a wide range of applications
- creating copy for advertising, audio-visual scripts,
speeches, annual reports, websites, marketing
collateral, presentations, media releases and more.

Former senior journalist Alan Arguile has written
and/or edited publications for, inter alia, Barclays,
BMW South Africa, Sanlam, the University of Pretoria, SABMiller, Eskom,
Dunlop, Discovery, and MTN, while his speechwriting
skills and innovative visual aids have assisted State
Presidents and corporate CEs to cut through the
clutter and communicate a compelling and memorable

Alan's creative water and sanitation messages for the
World Bank - printed on toilet paper at the World
Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg
- were acclaimed by the jaded international media,
with the Times of India, for example, saying: "As the
days go by, some of the toilet paper available seems
to provide a better text (than the official statements at
the Summit). At least it has snappy messages which
make sense."
credence editorial
solutions include:

  • Core messaging development

  • Corporate publications

  • Website design and copy

  • Marketing collateral

  • Audio-visual scripts

  • Creative marketing and
    promotional copy

  • PowerPoint and Keynote

  • Communication policy

  • Media releases